Hey! I'm

Amit Varshney

I’m a designer who is passionate about what he does. I work hard to design intuitive, impactful, and straightforward user experiences.

More than 12 years of UX, product design, and leading creative teams has made me who I am today.

Amit Varshney BG


What people say?

Amit is one of those exceptional talents that you hardly ever come across. I had a pleasure of working with Amit when he was just starting out in his career and have known him well for the past ten years. He has a great design and creative thinking abilities.

His design was thoughtful, original, and utterly in keeping with what you were seeking. He can apply his design skills to any area of design, and his creativity seems to have no boundaries.
Vipin Sahu
Co-Founder, Webkul
Amit is a brilliant designer who has always been very creative, innovative and supportive. He is a very professional and observant designer who has never failed to impress me. I can confidently say that he is one of the best designers in the industry today, nothing short of brilliant when it comes to UI/UX and decision making. Every decision he takes comes directly from his immense research and experience. Not only is he good in creativity but equally thoughtful in creating the best user experience.
Kumar Kashap Testimonial Image
Kumar Kashyap
Founder, Xtage

My Horizon


Branding & Strategy (CX)

Understanding and defining things clearly so that we can break down the problem and possible solutions


User Experience Methodology (UX)

Your brand is alive. Your brand is talking. Talking to the minds of people. I’ll craft your brand strategy from scratch so that it can communicate with the customer effectively.


Interface Design (UI)

I craft digital products that are easy to use, aesthetically pleasing and give you pleasure when you use them.


Mentoring ❤️

For me, it’s soul-satisfying to make a positive impact on someone’s life. I love talking about design, craftsmanship, and creativity. If you want to join the clan, I’m just one click away.