SportsLumo is a website that provides comprehensive coverage of various sports and athletic events. The site offers a wide range of information, including news and updates on upcoming events, results and analysis of past events, and profiles of top athletes and teams. This allows fans to stay up-to-date with the latest action, even if they are unable to watch the event in person. In addition to this, SportsLumo also offers in-depth analysis and commentary on the events it covers. The site’s expert writers provide insights and opinions on the biggest games and matches, giving fans a unique perspective on the action.

The Project

The multi sports website, SportsLumo, is a platform that allows users to access information and engage with a variety of sports-related content.

From news articles to interesting data visualization, from authors opinion piece to match analysis, SportsLumo offers a comprehensive experience for sports fans.

SportsLumo is a one-stop destination for sports fans looking for comprehensive and up-to-date information on their favorite sports and teams. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just looking to keep up with the latest news, SportsLumo has you covered.

My Role

  1. User Research
  2. User Interviews
  3. Journey Mapping
  4. Sketching
  5. Wireframing
  6. Screen Flows
  7. Visual Design
  8. Interaction Design

The Process


This step involves gaining a deep understanding of the user and their needs through research, observation, and interaction. This may involve conducting interviews, surveys, or other forms of user research.

Discover & Define

We defines the problem they are trying to solve, based on their understanding of the user and their needs. This may involve creating a problem statement or a set of goals that the team wants to achieve.


We generates a wide range of ideas for solutions to the problem. This may involve brainstorming sessions, mind-mapping, or other forms of idea generation.

Design & Prototype

We creates design and do prototype of the solution, which is a simplified version of the final product. The prototype is then tested with users to gather feedback and refine the design.

Test & Iterate

In this step, the team tests the solution with users, collects feedback, and iterates on the design based on that feedback. This process may be repeated several times until the solution is refined and ready for implementation.


Optimize design based on analytics, review data on user behavior and preferences to identify areas for improvement. We use this information to make informed design decisions, such as adjusting layout or adding relevant features, to increase user engagement and satisfaction.

The Need and the fulfilment

I began by conducting user research to understand the needs and behavior of the target audience. I found that users were looking for a website that offered a wide range of sports content, but also wanted a clean and organized interface that was easy to navigate.

Apart from that some users also wanted to explore the possibility of data visualizations.

To address these needs, I have designed a homepage that featured a top navigation bar with tabs for each major sport, as well as a search bar for users to easily find specific content.

The homepage will also include a live score section and a news feed with the latest articles and updates.

For the individual sport pages, I implemented a sub-navigation bar with additional tabs for specific content within each sport, such as leagues, teams, and players. These pages will also include a live score section (phase 2) and a news feed tailored to that specific sport.

To improve user engagement and create a sense of community, I have also included forums and community discussions on each sport page (phase 2). Users could create threads, reply to others’ comments, and upvote popular discussions.

To enhance the user experience, the team also implemented a personalized dashboard for each user. On this page, users could customize their sports preferences and receive tailored content recommendations, as well as access their favorite teams and players (Phase 2).

Overall, I have successfully created a comprehensive and user-friendly website for sports fans. The clean and organized interface, tailored content, and community features all contributed to a positive user experience.

User Research

To gain a thorough understanding of the needs and preferences of users of a multi sports website, I have conducted a combination of user interviews and focus groups.

User Interview

  • I have selected a diverse group of sports enthusiasts who regularly use multi sports websites to participate in one-on-one interviews.
  • I have ask several open-ended questions about their overall experience with multi sports websites, including what they like and dislike about the websites they currently use.
  • I have also inquire about their specific needs and preferences when it comes to features and functionality on multi sports websites, such as the ability to track stats and scores, access to live streaming, and user-friendly navigation.

Focus Group

  • I have also conduct focus groups with a mix of sports enthusiasts who use multi sports websites on a regular basis.
  • The focus groups is for a more in-depth discussion and exploration of users’ experiences and preferences.
  • I have ask questions about the usability of the websites, the content and information provided, and any challenges or frustrations that users have encountered.

Through these research methods, I have gathered a comprehensive data and insights from users of multi sports websites to inform the design and development of our own website.

This will ensure that the website meets the needs and preferences of our target audience and provides a positive user experience.

User Persona

Name: Pulkit

Age: 30

Occupation: Business analyst

Personality: Pulkit is a competitive and driven individual who is passionate about staying up to date on all things sports. He enjoys reading in-depth articles and analyzing data to gain a better understanding of the game. He is always looking for new and innovative ways to visualize data to gain insights and make more informed decisions.

Goals: Pulkit’s main goal is to stay up to date on the latest sports news and trends. He also wants to improve his knowledge of sports statistics and data analysis techniques.

Challenges: Pulkit struggles to find reliable and comprehensive sources for sports news and data analysis. He also finds it difficult to visualize complex data in a way that is easy to understand and interpret.

Behaviors: Pulkit spends a lot of time reading articles and watching videos on sports websites and forums. He is always on the lookout for new and interesting way to look data that can help him better understand the game. He also enjoys discussing sports with other fans and sharing his own insights and analysis.

Attitudes: Pulkit is highly motivated and enthusiastic about sports. He is always eager to learn more and improve his skills in data analysis and information. He is also open-minded and willing to try new things in order to gain a better understanding of the game.

Name: Chetna

Age: 25

Occupation: Software Developer

Personality: Chetna is a competitive and athletic individual who loves staying up to date on the latest sports news and trends. She enjoys participating in a variety of sports, including cricket, soccer, and tennis, and is always looking for new challenges and ways to improve her skills. She is highly organized and detail-oriented, and values accurate and reliable information.

Goals: Chetna wants to access a website that provides her with up-to-date articles and information on various sports. She is looking for a resource that can help her stay informed about the latest developments in the world of sports, and provide her with insights and analysis that can help her make better decisions about her own training and performance.

Challenges: Chetna is often busy with work and personal commitments, and finds it difficult to find the time to stay on top of the latest sports news and trends. She also struggles to find a website that provides reliable and accurate information, and is often frustrated by the lack of data visualizations and analysis.


How the website can help: The website can provide Sarah with timely and relevant articles on a variety of sports, as well as data visualizations that can help her better understand the trends and developments in the world of sports. The website can also offer personalized recommendations and analysis based on her interests and goals, helping her to stay up to date and make informed decisions about her training and performance.

Focus Group

  1. What do you like about the website’s design and layout?
    Answer: The website has a clean and modern design that is easy to navigate.
  2. How often do you visit the website?
    Answer: I visit the website at least once a week to stay up to date on the latest sports news.
  3. What types of articles do you find the most interesting?
    Answer: I enjoy reading articles on sports statistics on player performance.
  4. How do you find out about new articles and data visualizations on the website?
    Answer: I usually follow the website on social media and receive notifications about new content.
  5. Do you have any suggestions for improving the website’s content or user experience?
    Answer: It would be helpful to have a search function to easily find specific articles and other information.
  6. Have you ever interacted with the website’s community through comments or forums?
    Answer: Yes, I have participated in discussions on the website’s forums and have left comments on articles.
  7. What do you think sets this website apart from other sports websites?
    Answer: I appreciate the website’s focus on data and analytics, which provides unique insights into sports performance.
  8. How do you think the website can continue to improve and attract more users?
    Answer: Adding more in-depth analysis and expert opinions to articles would make the website even more valuable to sports fans. 
  9. Have you ever recommended the website to friends or family?
    Answer: Yes, I have shared the website with friends who are also interested in sports statistics and analysis.
  10. Overall, how satisfied are you with the website’s content and user experience?
    Answer: I am very satisfied with the website and regularly visit to stay informed about the latest sports news and data

User Interview one-on-one

Persona 1

  1. How often do you visit sports websites for updates and information?
    Answer: I visit sports websites at least a couple of times a week.
  2. What are some features that you look for in a sports website?
    Answer: I like a website that provides up-to-date articles and interesting easy to consume information. I also appreciate a user-friendly interface and easy navigation.
  3. What sports do you follow and what kind of information do you look for on sports websites?
    Answer: I follow football and cricket and mostly importantly esport, and I usually look for news, stats, and game schedules on sports websites.
  4. Have you used any multi-sports websites before and if yes, what was your experience like?
    Answer: Yes, I have used a few multi-sports websites before, and my experience has been mostly positive. I like that I can access information about various sports on one platform.
  5. What do you think sets a good sports website apart from a mediocre one?
    Answer: In my opinion, a good sports website has a clean and organized layout, provides accurate and timely information, and offers engaging content such as videos and interactive features. A mediocre website may be cluttered, slow to load, and provide outdated or irrelevant information.

Persona 2

  1. What do you currently use to stay up to date on sports news and information?
    Answer: I usually use a combination of social media, sports news websites, and TV news programs.
  2. How often do you visit sports websites for information and updates?
    Answer: I would say I visit sports websites about once or twice a week.
  3. What are the most important features you look for in a sports website?
    Answer: I want a website that is easy to navigate, has a wide range of sports covered, and offers regular updates and interesting articles.
  4. Have you ever used a sports website that offers data visualizations? If so, what did you think of it?
    Answer: Yes, I have used a sports website that offers data visualizations. I found it to be very helpful and informative, as it allowed me to see statistics and trends in a more interactive and engaging way.
  5. What do you think could be improved on sports websites that you currently use?
    Answer: I think many sports websites could be improved by offering more personalized content and recommendations based on my interests and preferences.
  6. How would you describe the user experience on your current sports website?
    Answer: Overall, I would say the user experience on my current sports website is good. The website is easy to navigate and offers a wide range of information and updates.
  7. Have you ever had any issues or frustrations while using a sports website? If so, what were they?
    Answer: Yes, I have had some issues with sports websites in the past. Sometimes the website can be slow to load or the articles can be difficult to read due to poor formatting or design.
  8. What other features would you like to see on a sports website?
    Answer: I would like to see more interactive features, such as forums or discussion boards, where users can share their opinions and engage with each other about sports.
  9. Do you prefer to access sports news and information on a desktop or mobile device?
    Answer: I prefer to access sports news and information on a mobile device, as it allows me to stay up to date on the go and access the information whenever I want. However, sometime I use my laptop too.
  10. Would you be willing to pay for a subscription to a sports website that offers high-quality content and features?
    Answer: I would be willing to pay for a subscription to a sports website if it offers unique and high-quality content and features that I can’t find elsewhere.

Empathy Map

Persona 1


The user is a sports enthusiast who loves staying up to date on the latest news and stats in their favorite sports.

They enjoy reading articles and seeing data visualizations that help them understand the trends and patterns in their favorite sports.


Excited to discover new information and insights on their favorite sports.

Satisfied when they find an article or opinion blog from author that helps them better understand the game and its analysis.


The sound of their favorite sports being played on TV or the radio in the background.

The sound of their friends discussing the latest news and stats in their favorite sports.


“I can’t wait to see the latest stats and articles on my favorite sports on this website.”

“Wow, this head to head comparison is really cool. It helps me understand the player stat better.”


Visit the website regularly to stay up to date on the latest news and stats in their favorite sports.

Share articles and other writeup with their friends on social media.

Comment on articles and contribute to discussions on the website.

Persona 1


I want to find a website that provides interesting articles and stats on multi sports.


Excited to discover new information and learn more about my favorite sports.


Positive reviews from friends and other users about the website’s engaging content and interactive features.


“I want to check out that website I heard about that has cool stats on sports.”


Browsing the internet for a website that meets my criteria, checking out the latest articles on the site.